• How does the monthly subscription work?

      Once you sign up for a monthly subscription you will have unlimited access to all Physique 57 online workouts for a period of 31 days. The subscription is on-going and will renew automatically at the end of the term.

    • How do I manage my monthly subscription?

      You can very easily cancel your active subscription on the My Account page by clicking the Cancel Subscription button. If you have any questions or would like additional assistance, please contact Physique 57 Support.

    • Is the 3 month subscription paid in advance?

      No, you will be billed $30 a month for the length of your subscription.

    • Does the 3 month subscription end after 3 months?

      No, After 3 months you will continue to be billed $30 monthly until you cancel your subscription.

    • What happens when my 3 months are up?

      After 3 months you will continue to be billed $30 monthly until you cancel your subscription.

    • How does the on-demand video platform work?

      Similar to pay per view movies on cable TV, our on-demand video platform allows you to access an online workout for a certain period of time. You can pay per day and access content for 24 hours or pay for unlimited access by purchasing a monthly subscription. If you’re a first time subscriber, we offer a week-long free trial.

    • What do I need to access the online workouts?

      Once you purchase the on-demand workout video, you will have instant access to the internet video stream. The video plays automatically in your browser from the device you purchase it on. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone to access the videos. You must have a proper broadband connection for the video to play.

    • Can the workout videos be downloaded?

      Our online workouts are currently not available for download. We do offer workout DVDs if you prefer to purchase and own a selection of our workouts.

    • How often will new workout videos be posted?

      We plan to introduce new online workouts several times a year.

    • How are these online workouts different from in studio classes?

      We’ve introduced new 10- minute options and 30-minute options that you’re able to do at home or on the road using less equipment than we do in studio while still achieving the same fitness results.

    • How are these online workouts different from the dvds?

      Our DVDs feature our classic, signature Physique 57 workouts and targeted boosters. We’ve adapted all of our DVD content to be accessible online so that you won’t have to worry about packing DVDs to take with you on your business trip or wherever life may lead you. Our new online classes feature the latest workouts created by Tanya Becker and her talented team of instructors to complement the signature Physique 57 technique and offer exciting new choreography so that working out with us always stays fresh.

    • How often should I do the online workouts?

      For best results, we suggest taking 4 Physique 57 classes per week—whether those are in our studios, on DVD or online. If you already belong to a gym or studio and enjoy adding Physique 57 workouts to complement your existing routine, we suggest incorporating at least 2 Physique 57 workouts per week.

    • Why doesn’t my mindbody login information work?

      MindBody usernames and passwords only work for their designated studio locations, so a separate user account is needed to access online workouts and make purchases in the Shop section of Physique57.com (For example, if you take classes in NY or any other location, you would need to create another username and password to access online workouts at physique57.com). To set up a new account, please visit physique57.com/my-account.

    • What are the username and password requirements of a Physique 57 account?

      Your username is your email address. Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least 6 characters in length.

    • Is my credit card secure?

      Yes! Your profile, balance and access information are securely stored on the Physique 57 Support Center servers. All actual transactions are done on the Physique 57 Support Center servers using 256bits SSL encryption, and payment processing is compliant with all PCI standards.

    • Who do I contact if I have a question about the online workouts?

      Click here to contact Physique 57 Support or click the Contact Us button below.
      Our Physique 57 Support Hours are
      Mon-Fri: 9am EST – 6pm EST
      Sat-Sun: 11am EST – 5pm EST
      Support team members usually respond to requests within 24 hours, although the actual response time is often less than 5 hours during the posted business hours.